Alternative Bulldogge
Modern AKC Bulldog next to early 1900s Bulldog. The 1900s bulldog was healthy and hardy. The Modern AKC Bulldog is plagued with health issue. 100+ years of breeding on non functional genetic mutated features for the show ring. The bulldog at the turn of the century was a dog that need no extra care. The typical  Modern AKC Bulldog requires cleaning of wrinkles daily,eye surgery, they develop elbow and hip issue, extreme intolerance to heat. Look at the difference in these two dog you can see what breeders have done to one of the hardiest breeds in history. I feel it is cruel to breed dogs that will suffer with problems
AKC Bulldog  NOT one of Our Dogs
.1908 healthy Bulldog of old
I started with my line of Alternative Bulldogs in 1999. My goal was a healthy 50lb bulldog that requires no special care,
rarely needs to see a Vet. A happy go luck, funny loving, ultimate family dog. As of 2008 I am up to 5 generations of my breeding. Hips, Elbows, Eye, Skin, Breathing healthy has been selected for at every generation. The result is our dogs reproduce consistently in Health and Temperament. They are the same size as the AKC Bulldog, with a big bully head piece, yet they have a much higher degree of Muscle, Structure and overall soundness. If you have always wanted a Bulldog but the high cost & major health issues have kept you away. Check out our bulldogs they are a dream come true.